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Increase bone density by strength training

Many years ago I attended a conference hosted by Arthur Jones, the inventor and owner of Nautilus exercise equipment. He put forth the idea that older women with osteoporosis broke their hips before they hit the ground. He said that their bones were so porous that their hip bones gave way first and then they fell. In the confusion they were not sure when their hip broke and assumed it had broken from the impact of hitting the ground. Sure some broke their hips from the result of the impact, but he surmised that some had broken their hips first and then fell.


My whole life I have been looking for a workout like this

Part of the hiring process for potential trainers at New Orleans Fitness Trainers at Austin Personal Trainers is to go through several workouts to see what is involved with the job. If they are enthusiastic about the workout they often turn out to be good trainers. Marylou is one such trainer. I once asked her, “At one point did you decide this is what you wanted to do? She replied, “After the second exercise”.