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Exercising the cardiovascular system with minimal stress on the joints

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According to Runner's World 80 percent of all runners will experience an injury in a given year.  That is counterproductive to what you set out to accomplish.  I was slow to learn this.  Years of running has taken its toll on my joints.  Fortunately I have found a piece of aerobic equipment that enables me to effectively work my cardiovascular system with minimal stress on my joints.  We have this piece of equipment at our New Orleans Personal Trainers and our Austin Personal Training locations.


Why they stay

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It helps to have good trainers. In a recent blog post it was estimated that between our two Kelly Personal Training facilities, Austin Fitness Training and at New Orleans Personal Training, we had surpassed a quarter million training sessions. In another reoccurring blog post titled What Clients Are Saying we highlight the progress that our clients have made. Trainers made that happen.

The fitness business is a revolving door for trainers and clients as well. Only the good trainers manage keep a longstanding clientele and make a permanent go of it in the fitness industry.