Austin's Zilker Park ranked fifth best city park

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Austin’s Zilker Park ranks fifth out of the ten best US city parks according the readers of USA Today.

A quote: “This 351-acre park within sight of downtown is arguably Austin’s most popular park. Highlights include miles of hike and bike trails, train rides on the Zilker Zephyr miniature train, a playscape for kids and a natural swimming pool (Barton Springs).”

There are plenty of events going on there as well. My favorite is the kite festival, the oldest kite festival in the US.  


Austin ranks high for middle class cyclists

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It is not surprising that at one point the Austin area grew at a rate of 165 new residents a day. According to one ranking of biking-friendly cities of the world Austin comes in at number eleven ahead of Paris, Seville, Dublin, and Berlin and according to another report Austin ranks fourth for cities that are the best for middle class families in the US.

A quote from the first report: 

"Austin is committed to helping its residents live greener lives, and it shows in their biking initiatives. There are plenty of paths and hundreds of bike racks for riders to use".

A quote from the second report:


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