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What a difference a year makes!

It is time for New Years’ resolutions. Every year we have great expectations of improvement in our well-being, but few achieve those improvements. Here is the story of one man who did make significant changes:

Marcus was 72 years old. He could play nine holes but lacked the stamina to pay eighteen holes. He was slowing down; he could no longer play every day. He began strength training at New Orleans Ultimate Fitness Trainers (our other location - Personal Trainers Austin). He strength trained for about 30 minutes once a week for a year.

A year older one would expect a 73 year old to be doing less not more. That was not the case for Marcus. He would play 18 holes of golf, and the next day he would play 18 holes again. He was hitting the ball farther and enjoying golf again. Marcus had added quality years to his life, and it took just 30 minutes a week.

Marcus had increased strength, stamina, flexibility, and very importantly added protection from injury. He was playing hell of a lot more golf creating a virtuous cycle of increasing well-being.

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