Who was the first President to have a personal trainer?

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I read the other day that President Obama has a personal trainer.  I tried to find out which President was the first to have a personal trainer. Ike golfed, Abe and Reagan chopped wood, Nixon bowled, Hoover tossed a medicine ball, Bush cleared brush, Clinton and Carter ran, Kennedy sailed, but who was the first President to have an actual personal trainer putting him through the paces? Google was not very helpful in this regard. I have read biographies of about half the Presidents.  I am guessing it was probably Teddy Roosevelt - my attribution the TR biography, Mornings On Horseback about TR’s early years.

Teddy was asthmatic and a bit weak as a child. His parents hired a personal trainer to train him on the fourth story of their Harlem brownstone.  He was also home schooled and had a dance instructor.

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