A Quarter Million Training Sessions

personal trainers at work personal training New Orleans

Some years back I was having a conversation with a fellow gym owner from another city. He wanted to know how many clients came through our doors. I told him we conduct a bit more than 500 personal training sessions a week. He responded, "You mean 500 clients a month". I said, "No, we do 500 clients a week". We had one location at the time.

We have two locations now and a loyal clientele. Doing a rough estimate of just about how many clients have worked out over the years, it comes out that by a conservative estimate we've done over a quarter of million training sessions since we first opened our doors.

The reason people patronize any business is because of the value that is offered. That quarter million is a vote of confidence and a validation of what we are doing.

The average stay with a personal trainer is less than six months. The average stay at our facilities is measured in years - another validation.

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