human growth hormone


The benefits of human growth hormone and how to increase levels naturally

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According to the Mayo Clinic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can:

  • Decrease body fat

  • Increase exercise capacity

  • Increase bone density

  • Increase muscle mass


HGH levels are higher when we are young and growing and decrease with age. Raising HGH naturally is a good thing for most people. How to do that? One study, The time course of the human growth hormone response to a 6 s and a 30 s cycle ergometer sprint looked at the different responses to sprinting six seconds versus 30 seconds on a stationary bike. They found that:

Metabolic responses were greater after the 30 s sprint than after the 6 s sprint. The highest measured mean serum hGH concentrations after the 30 s sprint were more than 450% greater than after the 6 s sprint.

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