Thank you for turning my son into a man

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I got a phone call from a parent after his son’s team had won the state soccer championship.  The father said, “Thank you for turning my son into a man”. Yeah, he said it, but I didn’t do it.

Strength training a teenager can be tricky. Many don’t want to be there and may come to dread exercise. I saw a tough-guy father bring his son into a gym where I once worked, and he spoke to the trainer as if his son wasn’t even there. He said to the trainer, “I want you to work him hard; I want you to teach him discipline”. The kid was too small to fit into much of the equipment, and it was plain to see that he would rather be anywhere else. The trainer took the man’s money and proceeded to teach the boy some discipline.

I try to avoid the situation where it is clear that the only reason the child is there is at the behest of the parents. Parents ask what exercise their child ought to be doing.  I tell them playing.

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