“I am going to miss my connection because you are too fat”

The plane was delayed because the flight attendant could not find a seatbelt extension for Eric. The person sitting next to Eric turned to him and said with complete disgust, “I am going to miss my connection because you are too fat”. That was the turning point for Eric. Eric, overweight with a number of health issues, had been told by his doctor to buy a funeral plot because he would need one in the next five years. He was 51 years old. On the advice of a doctor, he went to the animal shelter and saved a dog, an overweight middle-aged dog he named Peety. They made changes, and in a year they were transformed. People need the right motivation to change their lives. Eric credits Peety with saving his life. Eric’s story is inspiring. The video, Eric and Peety, is poignant and well worth watching; it certainly made my day. It has been more than five years since the change. Eric is still here, and he runs marathons. While Eric is not one of our clients, it’s positive changes like his that motivate us at Austin Personal Trainers andNew Orleans Personal Trainers. We love the work we do and the clients we work with. We are fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to help clients make changes in their lives.