Getting More Out Of Exercising Less

Why spend hours in the gym if you don't have to?  At Austin Personal Training our goal is to find the proper amount of exercise that will produce the most positive change – usually one, sometimes two, 30 minute sessions a week - and determine the recovery period necessary for improvement. We track that improvement each week  and make necessary adjustments to make sure that your improvement is ongoing.  

To get more out of exercising less we address all aspects of fitness in one workout.  A properly designed High Intensity Training (HIT) program is proven to  produce improvements in:

  • Strength

  • Energy (Not just feeling more energetic, you’ll actually have more energy.)

  • Flexibility

  • Resistance to injury and sickness

  • Bone density

  • Resting metabolism

  • Cardiovascular function

People of any age can do this; in fact those who are older have the most to gain.  For those who are very out of shape, you won’t be overwhelmed.  All you have to do is a little more than you are used to handling and then rest.  You’ll improve each week and get to where you need to be. These improvements will enable you to engage in those recreational activities you enjoy for years to come with less chance of injury.  Examples:

  • One of our clients participated in the New York City Triathlon. He did well but did not win his age group. Three years later at the age of age 49, he finished 24th overall in the race with over 3000 participants. As the oldest in his age group, he finished first, beating the nearest competitor by more than five minutes.   He attributes a large part of his success to this unique 30-minutes-a-week training program. His strength increased, he spent less time on the track and in the pool, and his times in triathlons came down.

  • Marcus, another client, at age 72 could play just nine holes, and the next day he was too rundown to play again. He began training 30 minutes once a week. A year later he was playing 18 holes, and the next day he'd play 18 holes again. He was hitting the ball farther and enjoying golf again. Perhaps most importantly of all, he received the added health benefits of walking those additional 27 holes. You can regain the energy you had when you were years younger.

Mickey Mantle once said, "If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself". Is it worth spending less than an hour a week exercising to increase your quality of life for years to come? For our clients it is.