Back Pain Relief

I now live pain-free

Two broken bones in my back, one back operation, and two years with back pain — that was 20 years ago. My back pain disappeared after I began using a MedX lumbar rehabilitative exercise machine in a doctor’s office.

We have extensive lines of MedX equipment in our New Orleans and Austin personal training facilities that we use exclusively for personal training. We are not physical therapists, but we often work with those who have completed their stint in physical therapy.

My results are typical, some are amazing. One of our clients lived with chronic pain from of three herniated discs as a result of a car accident. She could not pick up her small child. She was informed by two doctors that she required a back operation. She refused. She began exercising with our personal trainers in our New Orleans facility and her back pain disappeared.”
— John Kelly, owner of Ultimate Fitness New Orleans and Kelly Personal Training, Austin

Back Pain Relief MedX Equipment

MedX rehabilitative exercise equipment is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness from those overcoming injuries to the elite athlete.

Strength training studies conducted using MedX equipment

  • In the January 1999 Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a research study demonstrated back35 of 38 low back surgical candidates recovered fully using MedX® technology, avoiding surgery altogether.
  • Controlled studies comparing MedX®, Cybex and Nautilus equipment documented that MedX equipment was the only tool that strengthened lumbar extension (low back) strength. -- Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, 1994.
  • MedX spinal therapy has amassed impressive research results but little accompanying name recognition. That is because research publications insist on strength training equipment manufacturer neutrality.

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