Our Method

This program is a radical departure from the conventional fitness training. It was derived from exercise studies and has been proven effective for all ages and levels of fitness.

Researchers found that joints hurt less, bone density increased and muscles were stronger and more toned with shorter, more intense fitness training sessions. It is all about quality over quantity. Our approach is not to see how much exercise you can withstand but how little exercise is required to produce meaningful results. 

This training program will save you the time and added expense of going to a gym or a personal training studio several times a week. Serious results can be achieved with just one or two 25 minute strength training sessions a week with an experienced fitness trainer.

Of all the biomarkers of aging the most important is the loss of strength. The number one reason the elderly are placed in nursing homes is the loss of strength necessary to carry out everyday activities. While other forms of exercise might improve a certain biomarker more effectively such as running to improve aerobic capacity or yoga to improve flexibility, none address so many as effectively weight training. The exercise we do at Kelly Personal Training is effective in addressing the biomarkers that effect not only how young we look, but more importantly, how we young we feel.

We employ a non-stop circuit training method has a very significant cardiovascular effect and increases both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

No strength training program is safer or more efficient

We have extensive lines of MedX equipment in our New Orleans and Austin personal training facilities that we use exclusively for personal training. We are not physical therapists, but we often work with those who have completed their stint in physical therapy. 

  • We eliminate the injury producing jerking movements. There is no need with this equipment.
  • The equipment we use (MedX) is designed with natural body movements in mind, allowing you to work at high levels of intensity without injury.
  • Regardless of one's age or present level of fitness there will be an appropriate level of intensity that one can manage and produce positive results.
  • Research shows that it is not necessary to weight train as often as one does for aerobic activities. It is not necessary to strength train more than once a week in order to maintain the gains made from exercise and to improve your condition.
  • The higher the intensity, the greater the potential results. Yet, high intensity work cannot be sustained for very long — usually about 18 to 25 minutes. Our workouts will also require more time to fully recover, so workouts are less frequent, usually once a week. 

It is not how much exercise you can withstand; it is how much intensity is needed to produce a result. Exercising more often will not give you more results if you cannot recover from the workout, and it can actually make you weaker.

Does it work?

There are no contracts or obligations — we have to produce the results that will keep you coming back. 

Please see our testimonials page for results from many of our clients.

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