Exercise should prevent injuries, not cause them


 “I have a fake knee, I have a fake hip, I’ve got a lot of metal in my back – it’s a field day at the airport. My body hurts almost all the time.” ~ Jane Fonda. Jane, longtime aerobic exercise innovator, finds it hard to do yoga.1 

While heredity is a factor, years of repetitive use from aerobic exercise will eventually wear out your joints, regardless of your genes. The key is to not overdo it. As a preventative measure it would help to safely strengthen those joints that are prone to injury; one day a week substitute low-impact circuit strength training instead of high-impact aerobics. It’s more cardiovascularly demanding than most aerobic exercise, and your aches and pains will subside.

At our Austin Personal Training and New Orleans Personal Training  locations we have clients who can no longer do aerobics, but they have no problem strength training using our protocol. 

With our protocol we:

·      Eliminate high-impact jerking movements that create forces that lead to injuries.

·      Limit movement to a pain-free range of motion.

·      Sufficiently work muscles to a deep fatigue to stimulate a positive adaptation with one exercise set instead of multiple sets.  We seek to determine, no how much exercise you can withstand, but the least amount you need to continuously improve.  This lowers the probability of repetitive-use injuries.

·      Use MedX equipment with medical rehab features that are more easily tolerated by the joints.

Done correctly, low-impact circuit strength training will give you a measure of protection from injuries and bring relief from chronic pain.  Your body doesn’t have to “hurt almost all the time”.

Golfers driving for greater distance

Golfers with more strength and flexibility will increase their club head speed and hit the ball farther. Increasing only strength produces marginal improvement; the same goes for increasing just flexibility.  However, increasing both strength and flexibility produces far greater results.  From a study of golfers using MedX circuit strength training and MedX stretch flexibility exercises: 

Chart golf 2 the one IMG_6497.JPG

 Reporting in the December 1997 industry journal Fitness Management, researchers Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., and John R. Parziale, MD

At  Austin Personal Training and New Orleans Personal Training  we use MedX stretch machines and MedX strength training equipment  to focus on strength and flexibility improvements.  One of our clients, a club golf pro, told me he was hitting the ball farther.  I asked him, “Are you sure?”  He said, “Yes I am sure. I use a GPS system to measure the distance”.  He does once-a-week 30-minute training sessions with us.  

With our program golfers can:

·       Increase strength and flexibility

·       Address muscle imbalances and decrease the likelihood of injuries that often resulting from repetitively swinging the club in one direction.

·       Have improved energy and stamina to finish strong on the back nine.

·       Spend minimal time in the gym and have more time available to play golf.

·       Play and enjoy golf more often which will positively affect your health.

Reducing the mortality risk of metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome.png

Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors - abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and excess body fat around the waist – that double one’s risk of early mortality.  This risk can be lowered significantly. A quote from this study, Inverse associations between muscle mass, strength, and the metabolic syndrome:

"Findings indicate that insulin resistance is a central abnormality in the metabolic syndrome (MetS) and that muscle mass and strength are strong protective factors independent of insulin resistance and abdominal fat accumulation. If confirmed prospectively, increases in muscle mass and strength needed to prevent a substantial proportion of MetS cases would be achievable with a short-term strength training intervention." 

Strength training does more than produce bigger and stronger muscles: strength training, particularly high intensity training (HIT) for strength, produces a response from the endocrine system.  In response to HIT’s demands on the body the following fat-burning hormones are released:

Do nothing and your fat cells release their own hormones that work to increase your fat even more. Eventually a stroke or heart attack will occur.  Don’t know where to begin to make changes?  Begin with something you can stick to – once-a-week 30-minute sessions of HIT.  Take it easy at first and do a little more each week.  You'll feel better and be more inclined to spend more time doing physical activities you enjoy.  Couple these changes with changes in your eating habits, and over time, the improvement in your health will be transformative.

It can be done. One of our clients lost 60 pounds went from five insulin shots down to one a day.  At Austin Personal Training and New Orleans Personal Training  we can help you achieve the goal of a stronger healthier body.

Decreasing scoliosis curvature without surgery or braces

scoliosis 2.jpeg

Researchers found that for adolescents with scoliosis there exists an imbalance of the muscles used for truck rotation that can be addressed with a certain type of rotational exercise.   In this study, The role of measured resistance exercises in adolescent scoliosis, 20 patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis performed resistance training on the MedX rotary torso – one set twice a week for four months.  The results:

“Sixteen of the 20 experienced a curvature reduction and no patient showed an increase in curve. “

It can be difficult to isolate and safely work the rotational muscles of the torso. When exercising with the MedX rotary torso machine you are firmly secured in the machine in an upright position.  This secured position prevents cheating thereby more effectively targets the intended muscles.  The range of motion can be finely adjusted to accommodate those with limitations.  These features make for effective safe targeting of the hard-to-isolate trunk rotation muscles.

Carol, one of our clients with scoliosis, suffered from persistent back pain for years.  Past attempts at strength training exercise resulted in more pain.  Her back pain disappeared when she started training with us.  She has remained pain-free for 11 years now.

Anyone can benefit from this exercise.  Golf, tennis, and sports involving throwing predominantly use one side of the body.  This can create muscles imbalances that lead to back injuries.   With proper use of the MedX rotary torso imbalances are reduced.   At Austin strength training and New Orleans strength training we have the MedX rotary torso along with all the other MedX Core equipment and full line of MedX strength equipment.

Breaking the cycle of arthritis pain and immobility

For arthritis pain sufferers improper exercise leads to more pain, more joint inflammation, and restricted mobility.   However, the right exercises with the right equipment can produce totally unexpected results.

In 2012, I had injections for arthritic shoulder pain. At the time, the doctor proposed the idea of getting shots every few months. Although he told me, "It's no big deal," I made it my mission to avoid those shots.  I avoided the injections for five years.

Unfortunately, I had a serious fall resulting in injuries to my shoulders and arms. The x-rays indicated that nothing was broken; just inflamed arthritic joints. Injections in my shoulder and arm gave me no relief.  My mobility was becoming increasingly restricted. 

After four weeks of no improvement in my condition, I decided to exercise. My trainer restricted my movements to a relatively pain-free range of motion, certain movements were eliminated, but overall we proceeded as normal. My expected outcomes were either:

· the pain would be no worse, and that would be a victory.

· the pain would be worse and would cause me to plot another path to recovery.

After the workout, I was breathing hard for several minutes. It was an exhilarating feeling after the weeks of idleness. Four hours after the workout, my blood pressure (BP) was 102/63. I've been on high blood pressure medication for 36 years. Those are extraordinarily low numbers for me.

The breathing and the BP numbers are indicative that the workout had produced a systemic effect beyond just tired muscles. A systemic effect produces a hormonal response including pain-mediating endorphins and anti-inflammatory myokines.  I slept well and woke up refreshed – no tossing and turning to find a position where I was not in pain.

I was amazed to find I could lift my arm over my head – not possible before the workout. Pain associated with arthritis can lead to immobility and weakness. This leads to more pain – rinse and repeat.

At Austin strength trainers and New Orleans strength trainers we work with pain sufferers to reverse that cycle. We have an extensive line of MedX equipment with medical rehab features that are gentler on the joints.  This allows us to safely work the body to a deep fatigue.  For arthritis pain sufferers this leads to stronger muscles, increased mobility, and protection of the joints that facilitates a life un-compromised by pain.


How to reduce dangerous visceral fat

Visceral fat, found in and around the organs, can be a serious danger to your health. There is a hormone called adiponectin that will prompt the body to reduce visceral fat and increase lean tissue. 

A quote from The Secret Life of Fat:

"Exercise increases adiponectin, the hormone emitted by fat tissue that moves fat away from the viscera to the limbs and hips. It improves insulin sensitivity, too, leading to lower blood glucose and triglyceride levels. The added benefit of most of these hormones is that they won’t just burn fat, they’ll increase lean tissue, which also leads to higher metabolism. So even at rest, we’ll burn more calories."

The best way to increase adiponectin levels?   According to one study: “A progressive high intensity exercise program demonstrated increased adiponectin concentrations in overweight and obese children.”  Another study concluded: “The results show that high intensity interval training (HIIT) positively changes blood lipids and adiponectin variables in obese adolescent girls, resulting in improved insulin sensitivity, as attested by a lower HOMA-IR, and achieving better results compared to moderate-intensity exercise. “

The hormones of your endocrine system can work against your fat loss efforts, or they can make fat loss more achievable.   In addition to adiponectin, HIIT simulates a cascade of fat-burning hormones; among them testosterone, human growth hormone, and irisin.

HIIT is what we do at New Orleans Personal Trainers and Austin Personal Training.   For those who are extremely out of shape, all you have to do is a little more than you are used to handling.  Each week you will improve, and soon your hormones will work for you rather than against you.

Increasing Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Human growth hormone (hGH), while essential for growth, it is also important for burning fat and building calorie-burning lean tissue in adults. Unfortunately hGH declines with age. To increase the hormone you can take synthetic hGH along with its side-effects, or hGH can be increased naturally in response to a certain type of exercise (exercise-induced growth hormone response - EIGR).  From the study The exercise-induced growth hormone response in athletes:

“An exercise intensity above lactate threshold and for a minimum of 10 minutes appears to elicit the greatest stimulus to the secretion of hGH.”

This is how you get less of hGh, another quote:

“Recent evidence suggests that endurance training [i.e., running, cycling] results in decreased resting hGH and a blunted EIGR.”

And finally:

“A growing body of evidence suggests that higher intensity exercise is effective in eliciting beneficial health, well-being and training outcomes. In a great many cases, the impact of some of the deleterious effects of ageing could be reduced if exercise focused on promoting the EIGR.”

 Austin Strength Training and at New Orleans Strength Training we specialize in the type of high Intensity training that increases hGH levels.  In addition to increasing hGH, a properly designed high intensity training workout will increase energy,   bone density,  mental acuity,   testosterone, and strength.   This is a workout anyone of any age or fitness level can do.  You build up to it slowly, you improve each week, and over time you will “impact of some of the deleterious effects of ageing” - kind of like a fountain of youth.

Effectively addressing six different aspects of fitness in one workout

Most types of exercise primarily address one aspect of fitness, i.e. yoga for flexibility or running for cardiovascular endurance, while doing little to address the other aspects of fitness.  You can effectively address several aspect of fitness with a consolidated high intensity training (HIT) workout. This is a workout anyone of any age or fitness level can do.  In fact those who are out of shape will see the most improvement. You slowly build on the previous week’s improvement. No other form of exercise comes close to producing the following benefits: 

1.    HIT is a series of strength training exercises covering all the major muscle groups. With adequate rest and recovery you will come back stronger.

2.    Stronger muscles place greater demands on bones and connective tissue.  The body adapts to withstand those demands.  The result – increased bone density.

3.    HIT results in the body burning additional calories four different ways making leanness more achievable.

4.    Stronger muscles place greater demands on the cardiovascular system leading to oftentimes remarkably improved cardiovascular function. HIT is relentlessly non-stop and produces greater excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) than any other form of exercise resulting in more calories burned (see # 3).

5.    A properly designed HIT workout will do more than just increase flexibility; it will increase strength over that increased range of motion (enhanced flexibility).

6.    Enhanced flexibility and increased strength give an increased measure of protection from injuries.

There is a long list of health benefits as well.  The HIT workouts at Austin Strength Training  and New Orleans Strength Training produce measurable improvements in each of these six factors of fitness.  We use MedX exercise equipment; its medical rehab features allows us to safely work with those with limiting conditions.  The workouts last about 30 minutes and are usually done once a week.  You will still have time in your week for yoga or running. 

Testosterone..., kind of like shampoo

Testosterone is vital to both sexes for controlling fat, boosting metabolism, and maintaining lean muscle mass. Testosterone increases the body’s fat burning ability, as fat decreases testosterone increases. Repeat this positive cycle for best results (kind of like shampoo!?). A quote from the book, The Secret Life of Fat:

“Testosterone, which is critical for both sexes, also decreases, causing a reduction in lean body mass and energy, ultimately leading to slower metabolism. Though we tend to think of testosterone as the male hormone, there is more of it in a woman’s body than estrogen at most times of the month, and certainly during the perimenopausal or postmenopausal years... Testosterone is perhaps the most potent fat burner we have."

Another quote:

"Testosterone is important for everyone's weight management because it helps build and maintain muscle mass."

And this:

"The relationship between fat and testosterone in men is circular - lower testosterone leads to and increase in fat, particularly belly fat: in turn, higher fat lowers testosterone."

One can increase testosterone naturally. From This study, Effect of altered reproductive function and lowered testosterone levels on bone density in male endurance athletes:

"Relatively short duration exercise bouts at maximum or near maximum intensity appear to increase serum testosterone levels.

Near maximum intensity can be problematic for those with injuries or those who are out of shape. At New Orleans Personal Trainers and Austin Personal Training  we use MedX exercise equipment with special rehab features, and we use an exercise protocol that is safe for those with limiting conditions.  For those who are extremely out of shape, all you have to do is a little more than you are used to handling.  Each week you will improve.  You will start the positive cycle and burn more fat.

What Clients are Saying #16

"I started working out at Kelly Personal Training in October 2007 and hardly ever miss a week. I was able to keep it going because their method - one intense half-hour of exercise per week - is just so easy to integrate into your life, plus it’s so affordable. You might not think you would see results from just 30 minutes a week but I experienced a greater increase in strength in the first year than from any workout style I had ever done.

The method itself is effective, but it's the trainers that really make the difference. I worked with Amy Hard and I couldn't have asked for better. Amy guided my workout from start to finish. She kept track of all of the details, and paid attention to all movements, thus knowing when she could push me and when I was at my limit. Personal training is tricky because different people like different forms of motivation. Amy paid attention to what worked best for me, keeping me right up to my most productive zone.

The intensity of the workout is enough to where my mind would go completely blank of extraneous thought. I was fully focused on the task at hand. And the clarity stays with you. This workout is not just a body thing. After each session, I always felt better on all levels. I highly recommend Kelly Personal Training and especially Amy. Give it a try!"

David Tangredi

At Austin Strength Training and at New Orleans Strength Training the goal of our personal trainers is the give the client a workout they could not get on their own. Without guidance, most people will exercise to a level below their optimal capability. A good trainer like Amy will safely guide the client to the next level, the level where ongoing improvement occurs.

”I Don’t Like Hopping, Skipping, Running, Thrashing about, or Picking up Heavy Weights””

”I don’t like hopping, skipping, running, thrashing about, or picking up heavy weights”. That’s what one client told me. He said, “I just don’t understand it”. Thrashing about pretty much summarizes some exercise programs available today; there are safer more productive alternatives. This client has little free time and hates to exercise, but he does exercise with us. He said, “It is the perfect workout for me; once or twice a week for 30 minutes works”.

Our goal at Austin Personal Training and at New Orleans Personal Training is not to see how often we can get you to come in, but it is to get more out of exercising less. We offer High Intensity Interval Training for strength. In one consolidated workout, HIIT will produce improvements in strength, flexibility, bone density, cardiovascular endurance, and body leanness. It won’t take long, and you’ll improve each week. You will more likely stick to such a plan, and you will have more time for activities you enjoy - biking, swimming, walking the dog, or even thrashing about if that is your thing.

Advantages of Strength Training During Pregnancy

We have worked with mothers throughout and after their pregnancies. They stated that their deliveries went easier, and they report getting back in shape quicker than they did in previous pregnancies.   As always, expectant mothers need to be cleared for exercise by their doctor. Our exercise program is similar to the program recommended in the book Power of Ten.  A quote from the book:

Is the Power of 10 safe if you're pregnant? Again, check first with your doctor. However, it is commonly accepted today that sensible exercise can be beneficial to the health of both pregnant mothers and their babies. Labor and delivery are extremely strenuous physical activities that women should get in shape for like any athlete, with proper muscular and metabolic conditioning. The irony is that most women let themselves become severely de-conditioned during pregnancy, resulting in a greater chance of difficulties doing labor – and afterword, a much longer recovery period.

A client who worked out with us during and after her pregnancy:

'I started training with Amy in May 2007 - 5 months after my first child was born. I saw a remarkable change in my body, building muscle and losing fat while becoming lean. Currently I am 12 weeks out from having our second child. It is amazing how quickly my body has lost the pregnancy weight and is quickly becoming lean and muscular again. Much quicker than after my first child and I feel certain it is due to the weight training I was doing before and while pregnant at Kelly Personal Training. My body built up muscle and did not lose much therefore I was able to bounce back to my pre-pregnancy weight and figure much faster."  ~ Marly

Another client said this:

I have quit every health club I have ever joined. I have stuck with this for three years now. I am in the best shape of my life even after having twins. ~ Kyle.

At Austin Personal Training and New Orleans Personal Training we use MedX strength and rehabilitative exercise equipment that can be finely adjusted to accommodate most pre- or post-pregnancy conditions.  Most new mothers have little time for exercise. Our high intensity workout is a workout that need not be performed often; most do it just once a week. This leaves more time for other priorities like family without sacrificing one's health. 

One of our clients is expecting her third child.  She has worked out during all three pregnancies. We have been fortunate to work with mothers before they were pregnant, while pregnant, and years afterward. We have seen some kids grow from babies to teenagers. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow and be a small part in their lives.

22 years after osteopenia diagnosis doctor informs her that she is osteopenia-free

Carol’s osteopenia was progressing, and she lived in pain every day due to her scoliosis. Past attempts at exercise resulted in more pain. She began exercising with us, her pain disappeared, and her muscles and bones became stronger. At Austin TX Personal Trainers and at New Orleans Personal Trainers we primarily use MedX rehabilitation exercise equipment and a protocol that is gentler on the joints.  Carol demonstrates and comments on her exercise results in this video. Her words: “Replaced, repaired, restored”.

Getting More Out Of Exercising Less

Why spend hours in the gym if you don't have to?  At New Orleans Personal Training  and Austin Personal Training our goal is to find the proper amount of exercise that will produce the most positive change –usually one, sometimes two, 30 minute sessions a week - and determine the recovery period necessary for improvement. We track that improvement each week  and make necessary adjustments to make sure that your improvement is ongoing.  

To get more out of exercising less we address all aspects of fitness in one workout.  A properly designed High Intensity Training (HIT) program is proven to  produce improvements in:

·        Strength

·        Energy (Not just feeling more energetic, you’ll actually have more energy.)

·        Flexibility

·        Resistance to injury and sickness

·        Bone density

·        Resting metabolism

·        Cardiovascular function

People of any age can do this; in fact those who are older have the most to gain.  For those who are very out of shape, you won’t be overwhelmed.  All you have to do is a little more than you are used to handling and then rest.  You’ll improve each week and get to where you need to be. These improvements will enable you to engage in those recreational activities you enjoy for years to come with less chance of injury.  Examples:

·        One of our clients participated in the New York City Triathlon. He did well but did not win his age group. Three years later at the age of age 49, he finished 24th overall in the race with over 3000 participants. As the oldest in his age group, he finished first, beating the nearest competitor by more than five minutes.   He attributes a large part of his success to this unique 30-minutes-a-week training program. His strength increased, he spent less time on the track and in the pool, and his times in triathlons came down.

·        Marcus, another client, at age 72 could play just nine holes, and the next day he was too rundown to play again. He began training 30 minutes once a week. A year later he was playing 18 holes, and the next day he'd play 18 holes again. He was hitting the ball farther and enjoying golf again. Perhaps most importantly of all, he received the added health benefits of walking those additional 27 holes. You can regain the energy you had when you were years younger.

Mickey Mantle once said, "If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself". Is it worth spending less than an hour a week exercising to increase your quality of life for years to come? For our clients it is.     

Far and away the most important thing you can do to slow the aging process

“He’s just old”… that is what Jack told me after helping a classmate out of a car on to a walker. How old? They were both 75, but one stayed strong while the other became weak. In years to come that scenario will play out in our lives in a one form or another. At some point your role could switch from the one doing the helping to the one being helped. It is better to have a say in the matter rather than have the infirmities of aging prematurely dictate your role.

Generally we are not put in senior care facilities for being out of breath. It is when we are too weak to carry out daily activities on our own. Weakness leads to decreased energy and balance. This leads to an increased probability of a fall with serious injury. At that point somebody will have to help you out of the car.

Make changes now. Don’t wait until you are ready for a walker. Choose the one exercise that will far and away have the biggest impact on your quality of life and so many measures of good health - increase your energy, increase your bone density, forestall cognitive decline, become stronger, avoid aches and pains, lower your blood pressure, and lower your risk of injury and sickness.  A properly designed high intensity interval strength training program will do all that and much more.

Don’t know where to start?  At Austin Fitness Trainers and New Orleans Fitness Trainers we will be with you every step of the way.  We work with people of all ages. We use MedX equipment; with its special medical rehab features, we can safely accommodate those with limiting conditions that other facilities are not equipped to handle.

The one type of exercise where the body kicks in to lose fat no matter what our genes want

Our genes have a say on whether we are predisposed to becoming fat and how resistant our bodies are to attempts to control that fat, but there is a way to control that fat regardless of what the genes want. A quote from the book The Secret Life of Fat:

"The pattern persisted across a variety of metrics. Bouchard found that our genes influence our resting metabolism, fat mass, percent of fat, and abdominal visceral fat, plasma triglyceride, and cholesterol levels. Bouchard and his colleague Angelo Tremblay discovered one important exception, though—a vital piece of information for those seeking to control their weight. They found that when subjects performed vigorous exercise, genetics didn’t matter as much. Bouchard’s definition of “vigorous” was any exercise that caused metabolism to increase by six times or more over resting metabolism (which can be achieved by running about 4 to 6 mph or cycling about 12 to 16 mph, or doing other activities that produce rapid breathing and sweat within a few minutes). The lesson is clear: once we enter a specific range of strenuous exercise, the body kicks in to lose fat no matter what our genes want."

At New Orleans Strength Trainers and Austin TX Strength Trainers we specialize in getting clients to a "specific range of strenuous exercise" that results in a long list of benefits. While losing fat is first and foremost an eating- less issue, strenuous exercise such as high intensity strength training can boost your metabolism by burning calories four ways. Stronger bodies burn more calories even at rest.

Our exercise sessions are not long. Anybody of any age or fitness level can do them. In fact, those who are the most out of shape will have the greatest upside. You'll build up slowly, you'll get stronger each week, and over time those changes will be transformative.

Tired of taking all that diabetes medication? There is another way.

What if there was a way for diabetics to control their sugar levels besides injections? There is. A quote from this study, High-Intensity Resistance Training Improves Glycemic Control in Older Patients With Type 2 Diabetes | Diabetes Care:

High-intensity progressive resistance training, in combination with moderate weight loss, was effective in improving glycemic control in older patients with type 2 diabetes. Additional benefits of improved muscular strength and LBM [lean body mass] identify high-intensity resistance training as a feasible and effective component in the management program for older patients with type 2 diabetes.”

High-intensity progressive resistance training is what we offer at Austin Strength Training and New Orleans Strength Training. One our diabetic clients, Leif, went from five shots a day down to one. When Leif first started he was overweight. He had already had a kidney removed and bypass heart surgery. He began high-intensity progressive resistance training once a week, he made modest changes in his eating habits, and he used a rowing machine at home. In the eight years he has been training with us his physical abilities have dramatically changed. Each week he did a little bit more than he was used to handling. Each week he improved, and over time, the change was transformative. Our state of health eight years from now will depend on the lifestyle choices we make now. Better to find time for exercise now or you might have to make time for sickness and injury later.

Kenyans versus cheetahs, who wins?

From the BBC, Kenyans chase down and catch goat-killing cheetahs:

“The men waited until the hottest part of the day before launching the chase over a distance of four miles (6.4km).

The cheetahs got so tired they could not run any more. The villagers captured them alive and handed them over to the Kenya Wildlife Service.”

Cheetahs are fast but cannot run long distances. A cheetah’s muscles produce speed, a goose’s muscles are more for endurance, and human muscles are made for both. We have slow-twitch muscle fiber for endurance and fast-twitch muscle fiber for power and speed. Most of us will have an average mix, but there will be outliers.

One marathon runner’s biopsies of his legs indicated that his legs were 90 percent slow-twitch muscle fiber. That runner will never excel in sprints no matter how hard he tries, and cheetahs will never be long distance runners.

As personal trainers we see differences in responses to exercise. Most people fall in the middle of the curve, but some outliers are able to produce surprising strength for their size. They tend to diminish in strength quickly. Others seem comparatively weak, but they can often sustain exercise for a much longer period of time. Good trainers will recognize those individual differences and adjust the training program accordingly.

At Austin Fitness Trainers and at New Orleans Fitness Trainers we will develop the training program that is right for you; one that is safe, efficient, and effective for your condition and age.

Two guys walk into a gym once a week, guess what happens eleven years later?

Jim is 78 years old. His friends no longer exercise. One friend who couldn’t get out of squat position, asked him if he could still squat. He responded, “Hell, I can do it with weights”.

John is a psychologist. He is 75. One of his patients is the same age and lives in a senior care facility. John lives at home.

Both Jim and John have been coming to our Austin Personal Traininglocation for once-a-week 30 minutes exercise sessions for the past eleven years. Had John or Jim not exercised the past 11 years it is likely they’d be in the same physical state as some of their contemporaries. 

One session a week has been shown to be optimal for strength gains for seniors.  It is not how much exercise you can withstand it is how little you need to produce positive change.  Do a little more each week, and over time, it will be transformative.

If you do nothing you’ll be weaker, have less energy, and more prone to sickness and injury. When injuries do occur the outlook for recovery will not be encouraging. With proper strength training you will increase your bone densitylower your blood pressureavoid aches and painsforestall cognitive decline, and become strongerYou’ll revitalize impaired mitochondria which means you’ll have the energy you had years earlier. For Jim and John it is like having a fountain of youth.

We also have a New Orleans Personal Training location.