Exercise Recommendations for Chronic Fatigue Sufferers

From this article, Exercise Recommendations for Chronic Fatigue Sufferers Spark Debate:

A study by British researchers suggests that exercising beyond the point of fatigue is one way for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) to build strength and feel better.

And this:

"Whatever the mechanisms underlying fatigue," he notes, "exercise therapy is likely to become ... increasingly important ... particularly in the management of chronic fatigue syndromes."

The article states that there is no unanimity on the role of exercise and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but one can conclude that strength is good forCFS sufferers and too much exercise is bad. A stronger body tires less easily. The catch 22 is that the exercise necessary to induce strength gains might result in greater fatigue for CFS patients.

At Austin Personal Training and at New Orleans Personal Training in New Orleans the personal training sessions are short (25 to 30 minutes) and infrequent (once or twice a week). You won’t spend hours in the gym several times a week, and you will be less likely to feel rundown. Our personal trainers here in Austin and in New Orleans guide you through a brief but demanding workout. Yes, it is demanding; that is where the results come if given plenty of rest and recovery afterward.

The article mentions exercising beyond the point of fatigue. That is precisely what stimulates the body to change. After such exercise the body, as a form of self protection, becomes stronger if given plenty of time to recover. We place a premium on recovery to avoid the possibility of over-training. Some with superior recovery ability do workout twice a week, but most do it once. One personal training session a week is all you need to stimulate improvement. Come in each week, improve each week, and in a few months you will be significantly stronger and far less likely to fatigue as easily.