Exercise for those with diabetes

From the article The Best Exercise for Diabetics:

“This study provides evidence for what one would have expected from separate evaluations of the benefits of aerobic and resistance training in type 2 diabetics; combining both types of training produces even better results in respect to HbA1c levels.”

And this:

“Combined exercise (aerobic plus resistance training) was significantly more successful than either exercise types alone, with an average of 0.9% lowering in HbA1c.”

We have a client that confirms what this study suggests. He has lost fifty pounds in three years and has gone from five shot down to one a day. He strength trains once a week and does regular aerobic activity.

The personal training sessions at Austin Personal Training and at New Orleans Personal Trainers are high intensity strength training sessions. This type of workout has been demonstrated to aid in the disposition of sugar, and the workout burns more calories than other forms of exercise because of the calories burned after the workout. Combining high intensity personal training sessions with regular aerobics activity can play a significant role in controlling diabetes.