Best method for reversing the the aging process

Our bodies undergo many changes that can be reversed with proper strength training. Wearing glasses, dying one’s hair, or applying creams for age marks have their place, but nothing compares to the long list of benefits from high intensity interval training for strength:

1. Base Metabolic Rate (metabolism) decreases. Those who are stronger can have the metabolism they had when they were twenty years younger. More muscle requires more calories.

2. Body cells become resistant to insulin. Added muscles will lower your blood sugar level and lessen the need for insulin.

3. Loss of strength, energy, and speed. Proper exercise will make you stronger, and day to day activities will be less strenuous and be less taxing energy-wise.

3. Loss of strength, energy, and speed. Proper exercise will make you stronger, and day to day activities will be less strenuous and be less taxing energy-wise.

4. Muscle mass decreases. Stronger muscles are more toned, and this requires more calories. As adults we lose about five pounds of lean muscle each decade.  Stronger toned muscles present a younger look.

5. Loss of flexibility. Muscles have the plasticity that tendons and ligaments do not. More muscle contributes to flexibility.

6. Fat increases as a percentage of body weight. A stronger leaner person will be more active and the increased activity will further enhance one's health and burn additional calories. High intensity interval training producing more excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) – the body continues to burn substantial calories after the workout is over. By increasing muscle mass, fat as a percentage is automatically less, and this extra muscle requires more fat burning calories.

7. Bone mineral density decreases. Increase the demands on the muscular-skeletal system, and as self-protection, the body responds by maintaining stronger muscles and bones.

8. Loss of aerobic capacity. Choose a strength training program that involves circuit training to get the aerobic benefits. Non-stop circuit training method has a very significant cardiovascular effect and increases both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

9. Unsatisfactory cholesterol/HDL Ratio. Circuit strength training will improve your HDL or High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, the "good" cholesterol.

10. Increased susceptibility to sickness and injury. This might be the most important benefit. People wait until injuries occur and then exercise becomes problematic. A stronger body is less like to get injured and will have a stronger immune system. To help avoid surgery the best thing you can do for your joints is to make the muscles supporting those joints stronger. Take the steps now to avoid herniated discs and hip and knee replacements.

Studies have shown that significant strength increases result from high intensity interval training as little as once a week.  You need not spend hours in the gym to make a profound difference.

It all starts with strength. As you become stronger you will find you will be able to engage in more activities, and this will further enhance your health. Just improve a little each week and over time you will feel years younger. High intensity interval training is the type of personal training we do at New Orleans Fitness Training and at Austin Personal Trainers.