What clients are saying

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Edward Stanley (1873)

Two people who have decided not to give in to the infirmities of age:

“A year ago at this time I was experiencing frequent bouts of aches and pains in my neck, shoulders, and back. I figured it was just part of growing older. Since I started strength training last January, these problems have gone away. Amazing!” - Bill Milliken

“After only five weeks on the program, I improved my military reserve fitness scores by two levels, achieving one of my best scores ever at age 50. I’m making gains in muscular development faster than any other program I have tried over the years. The mental discipline of this program carries over to day to day life. Anyone who has not experienced the results they wanted from a gym membership or home training owes it to themselves to give this method a try. You won’t regret it.” - David Savoie, CPA

Bill trains at Austin TX Personal Training, and David trains at New Orleans Personal Trainers.

It does not take much time. Your investment in time spent exercising will far exceed the costs associated with not exercising – injury, illness or declining abilities. Our program is one that people can stick to for life - a life where one feels better, looks better, is free to enjoy life more without endless hours in the gym.

A little strength training, an active lifestyle, and better eating choices can have profound effects on one's fitness and health. These changes do not require endless hours in the weight room. Our fitness trainers can guide you through an effective strength training program that will take less than an hour a week and achieve significant results.

Others who have achieved significant results: 

1. I love this workout

2. I saw a remarkable change in my body

3. A Radical Transformation

4. I don’t think I would be alive today

5. I was in tears walking on the Great Wall of China 

6. Seems too good to be true, but it actually is that good

7. After each session, I always felt better on all levels.

8. This would not have happened to me if I had a personal trainer

9.My doctor said it would not be necessary to start taking drugs to preserve my bone density

10. Amazing and remarkable

11. Under no circumstances stop exercising because that is what is keeping you going