Strength training, compounding the benefits

Strength training enables you to engage in other activities more often and longer than had you not strength trained. You'll to enjoy life more and play longer and more often. Additonally, You will suffer less injuries. Engaging in activities longer and more often compounds the benefits derived from strength training creating a virtuous cycle.


Carole lived with constant back pain. Her back pain disappeared shortly after she began strength training. Three years later she was still going strong attending dance classes with people half her age. The additional activity of dance classes contributed positively to her health as well.

Before strength training Marcus played golfed nine holes of golf every other day. He could not play on successive days as he was too drained of energy. He began strength training once a week. A year later he was playing 18 holes of golf and then 18 holes the next day. Those 27 additional holes redound positively to his health.

These changes do not require endless hours in the gym. Our personal trainers at New Orleans Personal Trainers and at Austin TX Personal Training and can guide you through an effective high intensity strength training program that will take less than an hour a week. Improve a little each week, go out and do the things you enjoy, and over time your life will change significantly.

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