Fifteen Minutes Of Training In Two Weeks Remarkable Result

After two weeks of exercise totaling 15 minutes, the result from this study,Extremely short duration high intensity interval training substantially improves insulin action in young healthy males:

Insulin sensitivity, as measured by the Cederholm index, was improved by 23% (P < 0.01), while aerobic cycling performance improved by ~6% (P < 0.01).

They concluded:

The efficacy of a high intensity exercise protocol, involving only ~250 kcal of work each week, to substantially improve insulin action in young sedentary subjects is remarkable.

The subjects did four to six 30 minutes cycle sprints for 30 seconds each. It sounds easy, but it is not. You have to build up to it. The results are worth it. You can do this high intensity interval training HIIT on cardio equipment or you can do your strength training that way – strength training at maximum effort, followed by a short break and repeat with a different movement. Stop into our facilities at New Orleans Fitness Trainers or at Austin Personal Training, and we can show you how to do it effectively and how to build up to it.

Improved insulin action is just one of the benefits of this type of training. We will feature more articles on this subject in future article.