One year anniversary at our new New Orleans location

Has it really been over a year since we’ve moved the gym, renovated a building and changed our name? They say time flies when you are having fun...and it has because we are... Kelly Personal Training, nee Ultimate Fitness, is now located near the blossoming Freret St. corridor nestled in a beautiful uptown neighborhood . Our corner building was originally a grocery store. The large windows are still in place. In the early morning the sun rises on Danneel St. giving us a beautiful beginning to the day.

We may have changed our space but our mission is the same - to provide a safe, efficient way to improve life by becoming stronger. And we do it while having fun. Many of our “people” have been with us for years. Relationships have grown. We know about each others’ lives, favorite books, what was cooked or what restaurant was highlighted this week. Most of our trainers have been with us for over five years, a few over ten.

Every session is important, for us and for you. Our clients are deeply appreciated. Newcomers are met with a smile, a “good morning” or “good evening” then gently and expertly guided through their first workout. Quickly they transition from perhaps feeling like an anxious outsider to someone who belongs and is taken care of.

Upon entering the space for the first time theclient may notice how light and airy the gym feels. The A/C is pumping, keeping all of us comfortable. An elliptical, a rowing machine, treadmill and state-of-the-art recumbent bike are always available. What is absent are mirrors, loud music and a feeling of competition. Kelly Personal Training is a unique place of support, a place of familiarity and comfort, your place for strength.

We are more than a gym. We are a part of the neighborhood, the community, the city, and the lives of our clients. In Austin and New OrleansKelly Personal Training opens the door to your health through strength.

By Mary Lou Bensabat