Extraordinary Clients

The Olympics are just around the corner. It got me to thinking. Not everyone can be the best in the world, but they can do some surprising things. Some of our clients from our New Orleans and Austin locations:

Helen (New Orleans) 74 had both knees, both hips, and a partial shoulder replaced. She was a very active tennis player when she was younger. Strength training was the one form of exercise she enjoyed doing at 74.

Darcy (New Orleans) was given the green light to work out during her entire pregnancy. She really did. She worked out on a Thursday and had her baby the following Monday.

Sylvia (Austin) worked out with us until she past at the age of 95.

Laurence (New Orleans) finished well in the NYC Triathlon. He then started strength training with us. Three years later, he returned the NYC Triathlon and finished first in his age group by more than five minutes. He was the oldest in the age group 46- 50. He finished 24th overall.

Jack (New Orleans)75 had both knees replaced and continued to exercise. Four months after the second replacement he was able to get in and out of a bass boat unaided. He law partner five years his junior had the same procedure at the same time and was still using a walker to get around.

Tom (Austin) had a total shoulder replacement and was told that the most he could hope for was that he would be able to raise his arm to a horizontal position. After a year, he could lift his arm fully vertical over his head.

Debbie (New Orleans) had survived cancer and wanted to get stronger. I told her the workout might be difficult. She told me, "I survived cancer, I can do this". She did. She got cancer a second time and then Lupus, She survived both and continued to exercise.

Claire (New Oleans) worked out during her pregnancy. She reported that the deliver was easier than the previous one and within five weeks of delivery she was back to a size zero.

Carol (Austin) was diagnosed with oesteopenia at age 43. She has since increased her bone density to be osteopenia-free at age 66.

A dad (New Oleans) called me from the stadium In Baton Rouge after his son’s team had won the state championship in soccer. He said he wanted to thank me for helping turning his son into a man. I told him I had nothing to do with it. It would have happened anyway. The kid went on to be first in his class in college. I was fortunate to have such a client.

Leif (Austin) went from five insulin shots a day to one a week and lost 60 pounds.

JD (Austin) was a one of the first pilots to fly into Paris during the Liberation in WW2. In his late 80's he got inoperable cancer and was told he had six months to live. He continued to exercise for the next year and a half.

Some clients may not be a part of board sweep of history or have compelling physical stories. They are friends, often mentors to us, and no less important. We learn from all of them and look forward to seeing them each week. We are truly blessed to be in this business.