Blood Pressure Reduced with High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity of aerobic exercise lowers blood pressure more that low intensity aerobic exercise. That has definitely been my experience. From this study,

Aerobic interval training reduces blood pressure and improves myocardial function in hypertensive patients, comes this conclusion:

“This study indicates that the blood pressure reducing effect of exercise in essential hypertension is intensity dependent. Aerobic interval training is an effective method to lower blood pressure and improve other cardiovascular risk factors.”

One group trained at > 90% of their maximum heart rate. This type of training does not take a lot of time, but it is difficult. You have to build up to it. Once you build up to it, it is not as onerous. It will never be easy, but it is definitely worth it. At New Orleans Personal Trainers and at Austin TX Personal Training we can guide you through an effective aerobic interval training program and an interval training strength training program that will achieve life-changing results