Pregnancy and Exercise

One of our clients recently gave birth, and we look forward to her return to exercise.  It got me to thinking about all the pregnant mothers we have worked with over the years. In all instances we follow the doctor’s recommendations to the letter.  If you are pregnant we recommend that you always consult a doctor to be cleared for exercise. We have found that there is a great disparity in what the different doctors will allow. Often times we will make adjustments to the range of motion or eliminate a certain exercise entirely. Most mothers have stopped exercising the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy, but one woman worked right up to the last week – exercised on a Thursday and delivered the following Monday.

This article Steps Prior to Pregnancy Can Protect Baby lists several useful tips for pregnant mothers. One of the tips:

“Exercise helps you maintain or lose weight and helps you manage stress. If you do get pregnant, talk to your doctor about the kinds of exercise that are safe to do during pregnancy.”

Mothers we have worked with report that they had less trouble returning to their pre-pregnancy weight and fitness as a result of the personal training sessions and state that their deliveries went smoother.

At Austin Personal Training and at New Orleans Fitness training the personal training sessions are short and less frequent to allow more time for recovery. This is important for pregnant mothers who are devoting significant amounts of their body’s resources to the unborn child.  The time saving aspect of this personal training system is also important to the new mother who would rather spend more time with her child and less time devoted to exercise sessions.

We are also a child and baby friendly personal training facility. Mothers bring their kids to the personal training facility while the personal trainers work with the mothers. Accommodating those with babies has been good for the parents, and we enjoy it as well.  We have been fortunate to be around long enough to see the children grow to adulthood.