Step away from that desk and get back into shape

Steve liked his work, but it afforded him very little free time. He worked long hours, and he was at point in his life that he had invested so much in his education and his career that he really needed to follow through with this time commitment. Add to that the commitment to family, and he had little time or inclination to set aside time for exercise.  His situation was not all that uncommon. 

He had a desk job, and sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, he developed a curve in his upper back. He was rail thin, and he definitely looked like he could afford to put on a few pounds.

There are three different body-type classifications - the ectomorph (slender), the endomorph (fat), and the mesomorph (muscular). Most people are a combination of these three types; Steve was definitely an ectomorph.

Steve began strength training once a week for 30 minutes. Those with a slender build do not have the same capacity for muscle as a mesomorph, but their capacity for increasing strength is often very substantial. It can be seen as an evolutionary advantage - a large increase in strength without adding a lot of calorie-consuming muscle mass. Steve became much stronger, and he has a look of vitality that he never had before. His back is straighter, his posture has improved, and he looks like a completely different person.

With a high intensity workout the goal on each exercise is to try to safely push yourself beyond what your body is capable of handling. As a form of self-protection the body will make a positive adaptation and become stronger if given enough time to recover. If you stay within the body's comfort zone the body has no cause to make an improvement. At Austin personal training our trainers can safely guide you through a high intensity workout that is right for you with attention paid to your age, your condition, and any limitations you might have.