Winning more but training less

A few years back Laurence participated in the New York City Triathlon. He did well but didn’t win his age group.  Three years later, he finished 24th overall in the New York City Triathlon overall and finished first in his age group, 45 to 49. He beat his nearest competitor by over five minutes. He attributed a large part of his success to HIIT, high intensity interval training, a strength/cardio workout taken to a deep fatigue.

He had been doing it four years along with his usual swimming, running, biking, and kayaking. His times in triathlon events came down. The strength training program enabled him to spend less time on his bike and in the pool. More time for recovery resulted in continuing improvement. 

“I am stronger, recover faster and only devote 30 minutes a week to weightlifting. It is like discovering the fountain of youth. It really does work.”

The workout is based on not seeing how much exercise you can withstand, but how little intense strength training you need to produce the most results, so that you can spend more time doing other things or other forms of exercise.

At our  Austin Personal Training  facility you won’t spend hours exercising several times a week.  Feeling run down is not a pathway to improvement. The personal training sessions are infrequent (once or twice a week) and short (20 to 30 minutes). If you are an athlete these personal training sessions enable you to spend more time on sport-specific skill training. Some of the NFL teams train this way resulting in more time of the field and less time the in the gym.

People of any age or condition can do this.  Each individual exercises at an intensity level that will be appropriate for them. You improve each week if given adequate recovery time. This is a program anyone can stick to.