Improving quality of life

Quite a few years back I got a call from Laurence, one of my clients. He informed me that he had just got out of Lake Pontchartrain after his weekly swim. I didn't even know you're allowed to swim in Lake Pontchartrain, but that's another story. He told me that his times had been trending lower, and that he had just swum his best time in years. We had another client namedMarcus who was 72 years old when he had his knee replaced.  After that for the next few years he could play nine holes of golf. The next day was too washed out from the heat to play again.  He was nearing the end of his golf playing days or so he thought.  At age 75 he started strength training. After a year of strength training he could play 18 holes of golf, and the very next day he would play eighteen more holes. The strength training improved his fitness, so did the 27 extra holes golf he regularly played. Same goes for another client who liked to play tennis.  After 22 weeks of working out he upped the amount of tennis he played.  He began playing tennis three out of four days, and he played better than he had in a very long time. Those extra days of tennis contributed positively to his health along with that strength training.
Strength training enables you to do activities longer, with greater ease, with less chance of injury, and with better performance.  Best of all it contributes positively to your quality-of-life.

At New Orleans Personal Trainers and Austin Personal Trainers our strength training program is designed for efficiency, to get the most out of minimal time in the gym, so you can enjoy other activities that also contribute positively to your health and well-being.