Fourteen years of positive changes

I work out of our Austin Personal Training location, and I was talking to one of our New Orleans personal trainers a few years back. I asked her why there was an influx of business when we hadn’t been doing any promotions, really no marketing of any kind outside of our internet presence. I was heartened to hear her response. She said, “People are starting to know of us in the community. I think we now have an established reputation”. More than a decade ago we asked our clients if they would submit a short testimonial about their experience at our New Orleans location. The result was almost 40 testimonials, 30 of them from doctors.  We appreciate those votes of confidence and all the other testimonials made in subsequent years. One of those testimonials was from a client who works with Adam [pictured], one of our trainers. Her doctor told her, “Under no circumstances stop exercising because that is what is keeping you going” Doctors attributed her years of exercise to helping her prevail. We are fortunate to work with so many good people and to help them make positive changes in their lives.