Sleeping injuries

Yep, I hurt myself sleeping. It is a damn shame when you hurt yourself sleeping. In my defense it might be that I have lost a little padding around my hips. I am down five belt loops and thirty-five pounds.

I consulted my physical therapist, and he said it happens occasionally. From this web page, Part 6 Common Sleep Injuries: Hip Injuries, this quote:

β€œThe trochanteric bursa is on the outside of the hip. If you sleep on one side for most of the night, you can compress it, causing swelling and inflammation, or Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (GTPS.) You will wake up in the morning or in the night with pain and tenderness on the side of your hip, which may feel like a bad cramp. If the inflammation gets worse, any kind of walking or climbing motion will aggravate the bursa and cause more pain.”

I once had this injury twenty-five years ago and limped for days. This time there was just a bit of aggravation.  It helps if you have muscle protecting those joints. At New Orleans Personal Trainer and Austin Personal Trainer we can help you with that.