Your mother infected you with an alien

Your body is an amazing feat of construction.Ten trillion living cells all working together to make you. All the instructions required to build the You that You became are encoded in your DNA. Forty-Six chromosomes containing more than 25,000 genes have all the instructions required to build a human. Except…Nothing in your DNA explains how to make fuel for the engines that run inside you. Imagine if we had 1000 car manufacturers making millions of cars but no gasoline refineries. A car without fuel is just… art.

The fuel you need is call Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). For your cells to move, grow, repair, and reproduce they need ATP. To make your muscles move you need ATP, but your DNA doesn’t have any instructions for making ATP.

Luckily for you, your mother included a little extra in her reproductive package. A tiny cell-like structure, a tiny alien, called mitochondria. Mitochondria are inside you, but are not part of your genome. They do not have any instructions for making any part of you. They have their own DNA with genes and instructions needed to reproduce and thrive on their own. Like your cells, they also need ATP to function. Luckily, they make ATP. They know how. They just need a safe place to live while they do it. In fact, they make so much ATP that they give the extra to you for your body to use.

Over time these alien mitochonria get old and slow down. They produce less and less ATP. Strength training with sufficient intensity has been shown to revitalize mitochondria and increase ATP production.

At Austin Personal Trainers facility we have a strength training program that will give your mitochondria a boost and increase your energy to levels you have not experienced in years. It is like having a fountain of youth.

Thank you to John Shafer, personal trainer at Kelly Personal Training Austin, for writing this blog post.