Lumbar exercises increased bone density significantly for post transplant patients

From this study, Resistance training prevents vertebral osteoporosis in lung transplant patients:

“Osteoporosis and vertebral fractures are a consequence of glucocorticoid immunosuppression therapy in lung transplant recipients…Vertebral fractures are the most prevalent type of fracture in transplant recipients, representing approximately 35% of all fractures, and they can be the most debilitating and activity-restricting injuries in organ transplant recipients.”

The researchers wanted to see if lumbar extension could reverse thevertebral osteoporosis that results from the post-transplant drug regimen. The control group did nothing, and the trained group did lumbar extension exercises.  Six months later the control group was worse off, and the trained group returned to with 5% of their pre-transplantation baseline.

At Austin Personal Training and New Orleans Personal Training we have been seeing results like that for years. It helps to have capable trainers, the best lumbar extension exercise machine on the market, and the protocol to use it. The exercise protocol we use was derived from a study working with osteopenia sufferers at the University of Florida. Researchers found that joints hurt less, bone density increased, and muscles were stronger and more toned with minimal time exercising. It has been shown effective for men and women of all ages.