Are you sore from your strength training workout?

From this book, The Body by Science Question and Answer Book, this quote:

“Soreness doesn’t have any direct correlation to growth stimulation.”

 And this:

“The truth is that soreness is not a valid measure of anything but soreness.”

You might be sore after a workout especially in the beginning, but soreness is not our goal.  Our purpose is to make you stronger which will make your life easier.

Testimonies from our clients describing the changes being stronger has made in their lives:

  • 72 year old female client able to crawl around on the floor to reconnect her computer system
  • A petite 5 foot woman is able to easily carry her 50 lb bag of dog food
  • 69 year old female client able to lift her garage door
  • A female client able to place her 80 lb harp in her car by herself
  • A male easily able to crawl around attics for his job without any pain


When you stub your toe, your toe is sore, but you don’t expect your toe to come back stronger for the experience. The type of training we do at Austin Personal Training and at New Orleans Personal Training will make you stronger and make your life easier. There are many more testimonies and lives that have been changed for the better through Kelly Personal Training. This is done by working one on one with a trainer once a week for thirty minutes.

Thank you to Gretchen Beaty, personal trainer at Kelly Personal Training Austin, for writing this blog post.