The risk of diabetes from diet drinks

From this study, 2 diet drinks a day could double risk of diabetes:  a liter of diet drinks a day increases the chance of diabetes ten-fold.

A quote from the study:  “The increased risks were the same regardless of whether the drinks were sugary or artificially sweetened…The artificial sweeteners in the diet drinks may stimulate and distort appetite, they said, increasing food intake, and encouraging a sweet tooth. Such sweeteners might also affect microbes in the gut leading to glucose intolerance.”

While not conclusive - the researchers called for more studies - diet drinks might be something to cut back on. More conclusive:  high intensity interval training (HIIT) lowers blood sugar levels.  HIIT is the type training we do Austin Strength Training and New Orleans Strength Training.  One of our clients has gone from taking five insulin shots a day down to one