May the force not be with you

Working out is supposed to prevent injuries so that you can do those activities that require being fit; it should not cause injuries. Place a brick on one shoulder; have a second brick thrown at the other shoulder. Both weigh the same, but one will land you in the emergency room.  Same applies with exercise; explosive force is dangerous. From this study Slow exercise better for menopausal women: “Results showed that slower movement and fewer repetitions of exercises helped increase muscle mass in menopausal women which could aid future studies into the benefits of exercise as a treatment for menopausal symptoms. These findings will be used to design specific exercise programs for everyday use to reduce the risk of injury and thus significantly contribute to a better quality of life in old age." Google any strength training program along with the key words injury-rate, and you’ll likely see a whole lot of hits. With a program with high potential risks you might make a few steps forward barring injury, but if you are injured you will likely take many more backward. It is not the weight that injures; it is the explosive force created when attempting to move that weight. At New Orleans Strength Trainers and Austin Strength Trainers we use MedX equipment with its special medical rehab features; explosive force is not needed to move the weight.