The lasting effect of strength training on cognitive function

People with Mild Cognitive Impairment MCI have reduced cognitive abilities but are still able to live independently. Strength training can reverse MCI, and the effect is long lasting.  From this study, Increasing muscle strength can improve brain function, these quotes:

  • "Findings from the Study of Mental and Resistance Training (SMART) trial show, for the first time, a positive causal link between muscle adaptations to progressive resistance training and the functioning of the brain among those over 55 with MCI."
  • "The stronger people became, the greater the benefit for their brain. The benefits persisted even 12 months after the supervised exercise sessions ended.”

In a previous study MRI scans of those who took part in strength training showed an increase in the size of specific areas of the brain.  Imagine that. Add to this finding all the other benefits of strength training.   At New Orleans Strength Trainer and Austin Strength Trainer we use MedX equipment. With its special medical rehab features we can work with clients of all ages and levels of fitness.

One of our trainers has four clients in their 80s. One of our senior clients went from playing nine of holes of golf every two days to 36 holes of golf over two days. It is never too late to start a strength training program.