The Phenomenon Of Creep In The Human Body

Creep(from Wikipedia) - In materials science, creep is the tendency of a material to move slowly or deform permanently under the influence of mechanical stresses.

Our bodies degrade similarly over time, but there is a difference. Our body is the only machine that can actually improve when stressed. When the body is exposed to more stress than it is used to handling, as a form of self-protection, the body will make a positive adaption.

The proper amount of stress is the amount that produces the most positive change, anything more than that is at best has a lower marginal return, and at worst it is damaging.

Proper strength training produces positive change.  At Strength Trainers Austin, at New Orleans Strength Training our goal is not to see how much stress you can handle, but to find the least amount that will produce the largest marginal change. Such an approach will not involve hours in the gym each week.

When properly stressed with strength training you will become stronger,increase your bone densityforestall cognitive declinelower your blood pressure,and dissipate compromising ache and painsYou’ll revitalize impaired mitochondria which means you’ll have the energy you had years earlier. Add up all these improvements: you can forestall and even reverse the phenomenon of creep. It is like having a fountain of youth.