Senior golfer ready to hang up clubs, now plays 18 holes a day

After nine holes of golf Marcel was too tired to play the back nine. The next day he was too tired to go out on the course again. At 72 years of age he was nearing the age to hang up his clubs. He began strength training once a week for 30 minutes. A year later he could play 18 holes one day, and the very next day he could play 18 more. He was stronger, less prone to injury, and he had more energy. No, not just a feeling like he had more energy, he actually had more strength and energy - the science to back it up.  

Armed with those results he could play 27 more holes of golf. Those additional 27 holes contributed positively to his health as well. Marcel loved to play golf; he was doing it more, enjoying it more, and he was hitting the ball farther. It's not how much exercise you can withstand; it's how much you need to produce change. Do that exercise each week; the benefits will accumulate to the point where there is significant improvement.

Train too much, you'll get sick, injured or quit.  At our Austin Senior Personal Training facility we work with people of all ages and can help you find the right dose of the right exercise that will  produce ongoing results. We use MedX equipment; with its special medical-rehab features we can accommodate those with limiting conditions.