Daisy Mettlach-Holderfield 1982 - 2017

On Friday, August 12 Daisy came to work as usual. Out of nowhere she collapsed and lost consciousness. We learned later that she had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke brought on by several tumors in her brain. She was rushed to the hospital for life-saving brain surgery.

Against the odds she returned to work, first in a wheelchair and then with the aid of a walker. Her husband Scott drove her to and from work every day. Eventually she drove herself. She appeared to be getting stronger every day, but we couldn't see what was going on inside her body. We saw the outward manifestation of her fight against disease.

She fought bravely. Words are inadequate to describe that bravery. Daisy was a sweet and kind often docile person who also possessed a fierce determination which surprised us all. She was well liked, respected, and very good at her job. She had a positive impact on the lives of her many clients. She was a part of our lives for ten years, and she will be in our hearts forever.