The one type of exercise where the body kicks in to lose fat no matter what our genes want

Our genes have a say on whether we are predisposed to becoming fat and how resistant our bodies are to attempts to control that fat, but there is a way to control that fat regardless of what the genes want. A quote from the book The Secret Life of Fat:

"The pattern persisted across a variety of metrics. Bouchard found that our genes influence our resting metabolism, fat mass, percent of fat, and abdominal visceral fat, plasma triglyceride, and cholesterol levels. Bouchard and his colleague Angelo Tremblay discovered one important exception, though—a vital piece of information for those seeking to control their weight. They found that when subjects performed vigorous exercise, genetics didn’t matter as much. Bouchard’s definition of “vigorous” was any exercise that caused metabolism to increase by six times or more over resting metabolism (which can be achieved by running about 4 to 6 mph or cycling about 12 to 16 mph, or doing other activities that produce rapid breathing and sweat within a few minutes). The lesson is clear: once we enter a specific range of strenuous exercise, the body kicks in to lose fat no matter what our genes want."

At our Austin TX Strength Trainers facility we specialize in getting clients to a "specific range of strenuous exercise" that results in a long list of benefits. While losing fat is first and foremost an eating- less issue, strenuous exercise such as high intensity strength training can boost your metabolism by burning calories four ways. Stronger bodies burn more calories even at rest.

Our exercise sessions are not long. Anybody of any age or fitness level can do them. In fact, those who are the most out of shape will have the greatest upside. You'll build up slowly, you'll get stronger each week, and over time those changes will be transformative.