What Clients are Saying #16

"I started working out at Kelly Personal Training in October 2007 and hardly ever miss a week. I was able to keep it going because their method - one intense half-hour of exercise per week - is just so easy to integrate into your life, plus it’s so affordable. You might not think you would see results from just 30 minutes a week but I experienced a greater increase in strength in the first year than from any workout style I had ever done.

The method itself is effective, but it's the trainers that really make the difference. I worked with Amy Hard and I couldn't have asked for better. Amy guided my workout from start to finish. She kept track of all of the details, and paid attention to all movements, thus knowing when she could push me and when I was at my limit. Personal training is tricky because different people like different forms of motivation. Amy paid attention to what worked best for me, keeping me right up to my most productive zone.

The intensity of the workout is enough to where my mind would go completely blank of extraneous thought. I was fully focused on the task at hand. And the clarity stays with you. This workout is not just a body thing. After each session, I always felt better on all levels. I highly recommend Kelly Personal Training and especially Amy. Give it a try!"

David Tangredi

At Austin Strength Training and at New Orleans Strength Training the goal of our personal trainers is the give the client a workout they could not get on their own. Without guidance, most people will exercise to a level below their optimal capability. A good trainer like Amy will safely guide the client to the next level, the level where ongoing improvement occurs.