neck exercise

Strength training relieves chronic neck pain

Three groups of subjects with neck pain: One group did specific strength training (SST) for the neck and shoulders, the second group did high-intensity general fitness training (GFT) on a bicycle, and the control group did nothing.

The results: The GFT group showed a small decrease in neck muscle pain only immediately after exercise; the SST group showed a marked decrease in pain with a lasting effect after the training ended. The control group had no change.

A quote from the study, Strength Training Of Neck Muscles Relieves Chronic Pain: “The reduction in pain occurred gradually in the SST group, with trapezius muscle pain gradually decreasing as muscle strength increased. Although the GFT decreased the pain only temporarily, the authors note that even minor decreases in pain may be enough motivation to overcome barriers to exercise, and the resulting increase in fitness may benefit overall long-term health.”

Pain leads to less inclination to engage in physical activity. Inactivity starts a vicious cycle of deteriorating health and fitness followed by more aches and pains. The trick to reverse that cycle is to do exercise that will not exacerbate injury and cause more pain.

To restate: "even minor decreases in pain may be enough motivation to overcome barriers to exercise". This leads to a positive cycle. It’s been our experience at Austin Strength Training  and  New Orleans Strength Training that proper exercise with the right equipment will alleviate pain. We an extensive line of MedX equipment, the most technologically advanced fitness, sports and medical/rehabilitation equipment available and experienced trainers to work with those overcoming injuries or those with limiting conditions. One of our machines you are not likely to find at most gyms - our neck exercise machine.  

Safe effective neck exercise

Safe effective neck exercise will result in stronger more flexible neck muscles. You will be less likely to have neck problems, and it will help stave off osteopenia in the cervical vertebrae.  Very few places have this piece of equipment.  We do have this neck machine at our Austin Personal Training facility but not at our New Orleans Fitness Training facility at this time.