Strength training while undergoing radiation treatment

Stan is 71 years old and has cancer. He was slated to undergo 70 straight days of radiation treatment along with estrogen therapy. He was told by his doctor that he would lose strength if he didn't exercise, and that the strength loss would likely be permanent. 
Stan began strength training. Stan's recovery abilities were already compromised from the trauma of the radiation. Strength training produces a stimulus. That stimulus is trauma to the muscles and to the entire system. As a result of the exercise, the body as a way of achieving self-preservation, makes a positive adaptation by becoming stronger.    If the strength training trauma far exceeds the body's ability to recover the body can actually become weaker. We design our strength training program based not on how much exercise you can withstand but based on what is the least amount that will produce the most results – that which produces highest marginal return for time and effort in the gym. Starting from this premise you're less likely to exceed the body's ability to recover from stress. This was crucial for Stan who's trying to recover from both strength training and radiation treatment.    At the end of his radiation therapy Stan's doctor was very surprised to learn that not only had Stan not gotten weaker, but he was significantly stronger. Stan worked out once a week for 30 minutes. As he became stronger the workouts became more difficult. He gradually built up his intensity to very demanding level.    What is a demanding level? That depends on age, condition, and other limiting conditions such as injury. We had a 95-year-old woman exercising. She worked out at what, for her, was a high intensity level. We also have 18 year old clients where high intensity for them will be quite different.    We will design the workouts with consideration for a number of factors. At Austin Personal Training and New Orleans Fitness trainers we can help you set up a program that will change you regardless of your condition. Stan has been profoundly changed. We now have another subject starting this week who has that same condition and is undergoing radiation treatment. No two bodies are the same: we will see how it goes.