recumbent bike

A great alternative to treadmills and standard exercise bikes

After going on a vigorous one-hour walk the other day, my feet were sore and tender for two days. I have had neuropathy in both feet for decades. Besides the neuropathy, I have had my share of injuries and conditions I have had to live with - multiple foot operations include one for a torn Achilles, two broken bones in my back including one back operation, multiple breaks in one arm, knee surgery, and rotator cuff issues.  Sports will do that to you.

If you do nothing your condition will worsen. I work around the issues, and I am not compromised in my ability to go all out and put in the effort necessary to dramatically improve my health and fitness.  One of the reasons is the piece of equipment we have at New Orleans Personal Trainers and at Austin Personal Trainers  shown here in this short video.