Taking That Trip Versus Watching The Travel Channel

china wall.jpg

It can come done to a choice: To take that trip you might have to actually train for it, or you could sit back, relax, and just watch the Travel Channel.  

Chris chose to take the trip. To prepare for a 10 day motorcycle road trip with three of his childhood friends Chris began strength training. He lost weight and got stronger.  Towards the end of the trip riding was painful for two of his friends but Chris enjoyed the ride. He’s ready to go again. 

Sarah wanted to go on a cruise, but she was too frail for the demands of travel. She began strength training. To date she’s been on four cruises in the last three years. 

Cindy was in tears walking on the Great Wall of China. She said, “It was emotional partly because I was walking on a part of history that has been there for over a thousand years. I also remembered back to a year ago and it was emotional to think of how much I had changed. A year ago I was in such pain that it was difficult for me to even go out and buy groceries”.  

A year earlier Cindy had her hip replaced, and shortly after, she began strength training.  All three do their strength training, once a week for thirty minutes, at our Austin Personal Training facility.

All three chose not to sit back and watch the Travel Channel. I like to the Travel Channel, but it doesn’t move me to tears. To spend more time enjoying life beyond the gym and the TV room you might have to take steps to make that happen.  Is it worth just a couple of hours a month to enjoy riding in the Blue Ridge Mountains, cruising the Mediterranean, or walking on the Great Wall? For Chris, Sarah, and Cindy it is.