Which supplements really work?

My dog Stella’s vet recommended turmeric for the inflammation in her leg. Stella and I both take it. Stella no longer limps, and my chronic sinusitis has all but disappeared, 

So many supplements out there, which ones work? Rather than spending hours researching on the internet, it would be nice if there was one big info-graphic showing which supplements are backed by science. There is here. The supplement ratings go from strong, good, promising, inconclusive, sight, none, all the way down to harmful. According the graph turmeric was trending and the research was promising. At Austin Personal Trainers and New Olreans Personal Trainers we follow the research. The exercise protocol we use was derived from a study working with osteopenia sufferers at the University of Florida. Researchers found that bone density increased, joints hurt less, and muscles were stronger and more toned with minimal time exercising. It has been shown effective for men and women of all ages.