What Clients Are Saying - "My years of strength training helped me survive cancer"

Number eleven in a series about what clients have to say about their workouts.

I recently visited New Orleans a place I had lived for many years. I had the good fortune to cross paths with an old friend, Gunnar. He was once a long time client. I did not recognize him at first as he had lost his full head of air as a result of cancer treatment. He is 76 and healthy now and has yet to retire.

He told me his years of strength training helped him survive his bout with cancer. I don’t know how much of an impact strength training played in this instance. I do know that as we age we get a little weaker and lose a little muscle each year, and that decline begins to accelerate as we get into our 60s. In his later years Gunnar was not getting weaker; he was getting stronger. He was strength training. A person with a stronger body can better withstand ailments one will inevitably confront.

Strength training reverses more of the bio-markers of aging that any other form of exercise. You need not spend hours in the gym to make a profound difference. Studies have shown that significant strength increases result from high intensity training as little as once a week.

As you become stronger you will find you will be able to engage in more activities, and this will further enhance your health. It all starts with strength. Just improve a little each week and over time you will feel years younger and your life will be transformed. High intensity training is the type of personal training we do at Austin Fitness Training and at New Orleans Fitness Trainers.

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