My whole life I have been looking for a workout like this

Part of the hiring process for potential trainers at New Orleans Fitness Trainers at Austin Personal Trainers is to go through several workouts to see what is involved with the job. If they are enthusiastic about the workout they often turn out to be good trainers. Marylou is one such trainer. I once asked her, “At one point did you decide this is what you wanted to do? She replied, “After the second exercise”.

Timothy has a similar experience. After his first workout Timothy told me, “My whole life I have been looking for a workout like this”.

He later told me that after the workout on the way home he was not sure he could ride his motorcycle.

Timothy understands being physical. Timothy was a standout in three sports. His ability to do pull-ups is three standard deviations beyond the norm. He worked as a firefighter in the national forests. He spent four years in the Army. After one hike through the jungles of Panama, Timothy and the other soldiers had to carry their injured platoon commander out of the jungle. Although unbeaten and unbowed he required an IV in each arm to get his fluids back to normal.

When he first came in more than three years ago he was working three jobs. He still works three jobs, but his personal training has taken off and consumes most of his working hours. His ability to work with a wide range of clients assures him a steady stream of referrals and a long standing clientele. Three of his clients are in their eighties. The secret for his success, as with any job, is that Timothy genuinely loves his work. Clients see his enthusiasm, they see the improvements, and the clients become enthusiastic as well.