Increase bone density by strength training

Many years ago I attended a conference hosted by Arthur Jones, the inventor and owner of Nautilus exercise equipment. He put forth the idea that older women with osteoporosis broke their hips before they hit the ground. He said that their bones were so porous that their hip bones gave way first and then they fell. In the confusion they were not sure when their hip broke and assumed it had broken from the impact of hitting the ground. Sure some broke their hips from the result of the impact, but he surmised that some had broken their hips first and then fell.

Arthur commissioned a study at the University of Florida to see if strength training would result in an increase in bone density for elderly women. Using the standard protocol of lifting the weight in one or two seconds resulted in too many injuries to the participants. They began using slower movements to minimize the potentially harmful acceleration forces that occur at the beginning of each repetition of exercise. The slower movements resulted in much less momentum and more effective loading of the muscle with the resistance necessary to induce increases in strength.

The women got stronger and persistent injuries stopped. Some who had entered the program and had requiring a walker no longer needed a one. Their bone density increased.

The elderly have much to gain from strength training. Some of those benefits are:
1. Increased strength
2. Increased balance
3. Less need for bone density drugs and avoiding the side-effects of those drugs
4. Increased protection from injuries
5. Reversed the bio-markers of aging

You need not spend hours in the gym to make a profound difference. Studies have shown that significant strength increases result from high intensity interval training as little as once a week.

As you become stronger you will find you will be able to engage in more activities, and this will further enhance your health. It all starts with strength. Just improve a little each week and over time you will feel years younger. High intensity interval training is the type of personal training we do atPersonal Training Austin and at New Orleans Ultimate Fitness