How does one stick with an exercise program?

Seven out of 10 American adults don't exercise regularly despite the proven health benefits, a study released Sunday says - Study: Most Americans don't exercise regularly. That sounds about right. The renewal rate for health club membership is 30 percent. Of those that rejoin only a majority of them use the club on a regular basis.

Every January health clubs are crowded for what I call the two week resolution. By the end of the month the crowds are gone. The only thing that remains constant and enduring is the mandatory monthly payment for a gym membership not used.

Here just one approach for sticking to an exercise program that has worked for me and for those whom I have worked. (1) Commit to something you know you can maintain for the long term. Don’t set the bar too high. (2) Select an exercise that produces the most benefits. (3) Select a program designed to produce the highest marginal return – the most benefit for minimal time exercising.

Regarding number one, not setting the bar too high: consider high intensity training (HIT). HIT requires as little as one 30 minute session a week. The remainder of the week do something physically that you enjoy. Go for walks. Ride your bike.

Regarding number, two, the most benefit: High intensity strength training reverses more of the bio-markers of aging than any other form of exercise.

Regarding number three, for the highest marginal returning for time spent exercising nothing compares HIT for the time spent. The list of benefits is long.

You need not spend hours in the gym to make a profound difference. Studies have shown that significant strength increases result from high intensity interval training as little as once a week.

As you become stronger you will find you will be able to engage in more activities, and this will further enhance your health. It all starts with strength. Just improve a little each week and over time you will feel years younger. High intensity interval training is the type of personal training we do atAustin Fitness Training and at New Orleans Fitness.