Making the weights heavier after time off from exercising

A client said, “You goofing on me; these weights are lighter”.

I replied, “No they are actually heavier”. I then showed him the recorded weights from our last workout. I had increased the weights since his last workout. He had gone on a cruise and was out for more than two weeks. 
He came back and fully expected to be weaker, as he had not workout in some time. He came back rested and the workout with the heavier weights was almost easy.

Once you have committed to an exercise program for an extended period taking a few weeks off can be a very good thing. How much rest is enough and how much is too much? If you are fully recovered and your body has overcompensated you come back stronger. The amount of time it
takes will vary by individual. Through trial and error you can eventually find
out what works. I spent years figuring it out; I was slow to learn that I would come back stronger after time off. At Austin TX Personal Trainers and New Orleans Personal Trainers our personal trainers have developed a high intensity training program (HIT) with special attention paid to
recovery to insure that the improvements are ongoing – our business depends on it. We cannot afford to have clients come in and ruin two workouts in a row by not being adequately recovered.

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