Effective osteopenia treatment

A cure relieves a person of the symptoms of a sickness or a condition. A treatment can slow, stop, or reverse the progression of an illness or condition such as osteopenia. Some of our clients have had amazing results in reversing their bone loss. There is no cure for osteopenia or osteoporosis. Treatments for osteopenia include changes in diet, supplements such as calcium and vitamin D, hormone therapy, several types of osteoporosis drugs, alternative medicine, and physical activities and exercise (particularly weight-bearing exercise). Of course, there are side-effects to taking the osteoporosis drugs, none of them pleasant.

Our body is constantly adapting to the physical stress and strain. Our bones adapt to physical stress and strain and are constantly remodeling themselves. If you expose the body and the bones to weight-bearing exercise the body and bones will adapt and become stronger.

If one has osteopenia one could see a reversal or experience a cessation of the bone loss. In the case of osteoporosis you are less likely see a slowing-down of the bone loss or a reversal. Osteopenia progresses to osteoporosis. It would seem to me to be crucial to stop this bone loss process early on rather than wait until the process is well on its way to osteoporosis when a reversal is less likely. With a stronger body one is less like to be injured and suffer factures. When fractures occur exercise might then become out of the question. If you keep putting the decision to exercise off it might be too late.

A little strength training, an active lifestyle, and better eating choices can have profound effects on one's fitness and health. These changes do not require endless hours in the weight room. Our fitness trainers at New Orleans Personal Trainers and at Austin TX Personal Training can guide you through an effective strength training program that will take less than an hour a week and achieve life-changing results.

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